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Here are the creative ways to glam-up your pocket-sized balconies

When you live in a compact sized home or a condo, you can’t deny the value of even a pocket-sized balcony in your life. It’s all you get in the name of outdoors and certainly a space you can cherish for brighter light and fresh breeze. But often we have seen such small balconies turning to a waste, non existing space in various houses. Why? Well, because you underestimate this space and don’t ever think of beautifying it. We say, why waste even a small outdoor area when you have it? Why not use it to the fullest to enjoy the fresh outdoor air in a perfect ambience?

Tips to spruce up your small balconies

Cringing never helps. So, stop doing that and instead show some creativity to spruce up your balcony even though it is small. Want some tips? Keep reading.

Paint it in vibrant hues —

Mostly we have seen your small balconies devoid of any colour.  Or if you are too generous, you coat it with plain white. (Slow claps!) Why treat your small balcony as a step daughter? Treat it with a nice and bright shade with the help of house painters in Auckland from Ben & Sons Painting. They’ll carry out a fine painting job for your balcony just as perfectly as they do for your interiors. If you are picking the nice and bright shades like tangerine, blue, yellow, or green, your balcony would appear really cheerful and refreshing.

Install light sleek furniture —

Once you have added life to the balcony with a nice touch up of paint via interior painters, you simply have to install sleek, smart, and very light weight furniture here. We prefer light weight more because it would be easy to move or shift them in case you want to adjust with the space. And you can simply go for a nice coffee table and a trendy chair, or just two bean bags may be.

Vertical garden is most recommended —

When you just can’t adjust the space for a horizontal garden, try putting up a vertical one. This garden would occupy one of your balcony walls and keep the remaining space free for your relaxation.

Make use of the other wall too —

Have another wall in the balcony? Use it as well. How? Just add some shelves out here where you can keep your small but useful items like magazines, coffee cups and even pleasant looking décor pieces. Over all, this wall can be a useful way to beautify and be a functional space in your balcony.

Try using the railing —

When you have railings in your balcony, you can creatively use it as well. Just hang your favourite decorative items like fairy lights or simply dedicate this area for creepers and climbers. Even putting up the planters on the outer side of the railings is a nice way to beautify your balcony.

You can even skip the coffee table and place a yoga mat or a floor rug in this balcony (how about a carpet of artificial grass?), try keeping scented candles on the shelves, and install lovely light fixtures to beautify this small but impactful space. After all these, you’ll definitely label this as your favourite corner in the house.

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